Cawl (Lamb and Vegetable Stew)

June 09, 2016

Cawl (Lamb and Vegetable Stew)


Traditional Welsh Lamb and Vegetable Stew
(Serves 6 people)


This is a traditional countryside recipe from my home country of Wales and with recipes dating back to the 14th century it's recognised as our national dish. There are many variants and the vegetables, excepting the potatoes and leeks, can be replaced with whatever is seasonal. The lamb can also easily be replaced with salted bacon or beef.

For a lighter summer option, runner beans, broad beans and peas can be used with some chopped mint to garnish. For a traditional winter warmer stick with the hearty root vegetables in the recipe below adding pulses or pearl barley as an extra touch.

This recipe will go wonderfully with a crusty baguette from our bakery generously spread with some salted butter and a delicious slice of Quickes Cheddar from our cheese counter.

Pick up the lamb from your local butcher and then pop into our Market and Deli for all the remaining ingredients, just ask one of our friendly team if you can't find anything.


  • 900g of diced lamb (or lamb shanks)
  • 1.2L cold water
  • 2 large potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 1 swede, peeled and diced
  • 2 large onions, peeled and sliced
  • 4 carrots, peeled and thickly sliced
  • 2 large leeks, cleaned and thinly sliced
  • A bunch of herbs - bay leaf, thyme, rosemary and parsley
  • 2tbsp olive oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 large crusty baguette
  • Quickes Cheddar Cheese
  • Salted butter


    Step 1: Heat the olive oil in a large pan, season the lamb and add to the pan together with the onion and brown all over.

    NB: Do this in small batches if your pan is not large enough.

    Step 2: Add the cold water and all the herbs except the parsley. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat to a simmer. Cover and cook for approximately 60 minutes. Skim off any brown froth that rises to the top of the pan.

    Step 3: Add all the vegetables except the potatoes, topping up the broth with additional cold water to cover everything if required. Bring back to the boil then reduce to a simmer and cook for a further 40 minutes. 

    Step 4: Add the potatoes, bring back to the boil then reduce to a simmer and cook for a further 30 minutes ensuring that all the vegetables and meat are cooked.

    Step 5: Serve the broth, meat and vegetables together in a bowl and garnish with the parsley. Accompany with the crusty baguette and a large piece of the Quickes Cheddar.


    NB: The flavours in Cawl really improve after a few days so don't be afraid to make this in advance and keep it in your fridge for a day or two before reheating and serving.

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