Tea & Coffee

Australia is a self-confessed nation of coffee lovers. We can provide you whole bags of beans or smaller quantities. For no additional charge, we are able to grind your beans to your specifications (eg plunger / stovetop / espresso). Just let us know the grind size and we can do the rest.

We also carry Australia's healthiest teas, from Tea Tonic. Tea Tonic makes every sip special with maximum goodness in every cup. From health-packed herbals to bold blacks, gorgeous greens and wondrous whites, they have a tea for every taste. Plus, they're Australian Certified Organic – so you know their tea is 100% natural. No nasties. No chemicals. Just good vibes and great flavours. Go on, treat yourself. Elevate your tea time.

For the traditionalists, we also stock Yorkshire tea in both loose leaf and bags.

Settle down, and enjoy a cuppa!