Each day 7 bakers supply the market with a range of bread unparalleled in Brisbane. In all we display for sale 62 different types of loaves.

All are hand crafted and shaped prior to baking.

The traditional Italian, French, Turkish, and Australian are all there.

It boasts a beautiful range of sour dough mixes and the flour types include wheat, rye, corn & spelt.

The famous Montepertuso and Campagne are the most popular but the Village bread, French Cobs and peasant loaf are keeping them honest. The range also includes a beautiful Middle Eastern Fruit loaf.

Our Almond Croissants and the jam donuts are always first to go, so be early or be sensible, and call us. We take phone orders for all our breads and it does avoid disappointment.

Call us on 3876 6222