Our charcuterie cabinet is brimming with a wide range of cold cuts, cured meats and much more!  

Our selection includes:

* traditional favourites such as champagne ham, premium deboned ham, hand carved hams (double smoked & honey mustard) as well as new additions including the increasingly popular locally produced nitrite free ham and the succulent Grandmother’s ham

* bacon (including middle bacon, nitrite free bacon, bourbon bacon and turkey bacon)

* sausages, including black pudding, chorizo, landjager, and turkey sausages

* prosciutto including Italian, Australian and Wagyu

* smoked / lemon pepper chicken, and turkey breast

* terrines, pate’s and confit

* a vast array of continental meats including German salami, Hungarian mild salami, Calabrese, Hot, Mild & Truffle Sopressa, Lonza, Ndjua, Wagyu Prosciutto, Bresaola, Pastrami, Finocchiona, Pepperoni, Duck Galantine and Pancetta

* Smoked salmon, gravlax and smoked trout

We offer a selection of pre-packaged sliced meats for your convenience and an even greater selection of cured meats and hams we slice to your specifications.

You are always welcome to try before you buy, so if you’re not sure what one of our charcuterie items tastes like, ask for a taster slice.

Apart from being perfect on a charcuterie platter for your cocktail party or casual Saturday afternoon BBQ, our cold cuts are the perfect topping for your own home made pizza.  We stock a range of pizza bases (including gluten-free) for you to create your own delicious masterpiece!