Our cheese counter will strike your gaze as you enter the market and stay with you as you journey around the various departments.

It is just mesmerising to experience. 100 cheeses magnetically draw you demanding to be part of your gaze.

Liquefied bries, ripened to perfection before cutting, sit bountifully awaiting your selection.

Washed rind choices just amaze. Classic blue vein cheeses from Australia’s best and from around the world, shake the very threads that hold your socks on.

Pates, sit wooing your taste buds form within the cabinet Grand Marnier, Maison, Duck and cognac, Duck and green peppercorn, Pistachio, Cracked pepper, Thai lemon grass. Our pate and antipasto platter is unforgettable.

Back to the magnetic cheeses and the goats & sheep cheeses offer soft and hard, Australian and International, Organic and inorganic, there is one of these cheeses for every possible use. Not to mention that they are cholesterol and dairy free.

Then we have the cheddars the Swiss cheeses and the parmesans. All with variety in both texture and flavour.

The smoked cheddars add an interesting twist to any platter but the hard goat and sheep cheeses leave most scrambling for more. 

Our piece de résistance, however, is the Fromage d’Affinois. Do not leave the market without it!

We do need to mention our bountiful cheese platters and the fruit combos that can be made to go with them.

See our catering schedules for more detail or just call us on 3876 6222.