The Ten Best Kept Secrets at Rosalie Gourmet Market

July 25, 2018

Recipes by Rosalie Gourmet Market-The Ten Best Kept Secrets at Rosalie Gourmet Market-Rosalie Gourmet Market

Rosalie Gourmet Market - Blog - Recipe - 10 Best SecretsWe have selected some of our products that will bring sparkle to your everyday fare and instant success to your entertaining reputation

1. Harris’s hot smoked salmon fillets and salmon gravlax. Ideal for pasta and rice dishes or salads.

2. Gundowring Champion Ice cream – try Ginger, Lime or Coconut for a perfect finish to an Asian meal.

3. Goan Cuisine Tamarind Chutney – a ‘golden oldie’ for us. It is just as tasty with our hams as with any curry.

4. Cunliffe & Water’s Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce with our artisan “i Trafiliti” Italian range of pasta - the ‘Gigli’ is fun!

5. Bowles Veal Glace for a beautiful sauce and perfect with any duck recipe.

6. Our French “Mathez” chocolate truffles – just one of the huge range of European chocolates on offer along with nougats and meringue cookies.

7. Any of Rosalie Gourmet’s “Night Off” meals that are vacuum–packed but not frozen, ideal for taking away to the beach. The ‘Chicken Almond Curry’, the fresh, creamy bacon pasta sauce and the family sized pies and quiches are among the favourites.

8. Our special Olive Oil Panettone at Christmas.

9. “Boozy Duck Pate”, smoked black olives and white anchovies served with our sourdough baguettes.

10. French Truffle d’Affinois Double Brie to treat yourselves for that very special occasion.

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