Christmas Birds

The tradition of Christmas turkey began as turkeys were eaten instead of cows and chickens because the farmers needed their cows more for their milk, and needed their chickens for the eggs, which historically were more expensive than they are today.

Now, we can't imagine Christmas without turkey, and we are delighted to offer the certified organic, free range turkeys from Green Ag again this year.

Whole turkeys and rolled breasts are available to purchase raw, and for an additional charge, we are able to roast them for you and provide them to you chilled (cry-o-vac sealed to retain their freshness) so you can enjoy them cold on Christmas Day or pop them in the oven to reheat and enjoy warm.

Our in-house kitchen is also preparing free range turkeys which are rolled, stuffed and roasted, as well as offering butterflied free-range chicken. Both are again provided chilled and cry-o-vac packaged for eating chilled or for reheating.

Barossa Fine Foods range of pre-stuffed, cooked and chilled mini turkey, chicken and duck roasts are very popular and limited quantities are available so we recommend ordering early to avoid disappointment.

Don't forget our traditional and gluten free stuffings which are provided ready to bake, or baked and ready to eat.

And finally, pair your bird with some cranberry sauce or old fashioned gravy to make the meal complete! 

If you aren't sure which size bird or breast to order, please call our team on 07 3876 6222 and we will try our best to help you.

As a guide, a 4-5kg whole turkey will serve 6-7 people, a 5-6kg one will serve 8-10 and a 6-7kg turkey will feed 10-12. The simple old fashioned way to remember is "a pound per person" (about 450g per person, which factors in the weight of the carcass).

Download our Christmas Order Form or order direct from our website by clicking on the options below.