Herbies - Juniper Berries (Hand Picked) 28g

A savoury berry famous for flavouring English Dry Gin and is used in European game dishes. Goes well with chicken. 

Other Common Names: Juniper Fruits Botanical Name: (Juniperus communis)

Description & Use: Best known for their application in flavouring gin, these dark-blue, almost black, soft, aromatic berries are used in many traditional European recipes. Add a few juniper berries to stews and casseroles, particularly those made with game. Poultry stuffings are given a delicious lift when about 3 or 4 juniper berries are slightly crushed and added to the stuffing, with herbs like Herbs de Provence, Italian Herbs or Mixed Herbs.

Caution: This pack may contain some dried needles from the juniper tree, so in the unlikely event that you see any, please remove before adding to cooking.
Produce of Hungary packed in Australia.

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