Hafla Sweet Potato Feta & Fresh Herbs 200g (GF)

Hafla make gourmet quality, fresh, organic, Mediterranean style dips from the highest quality, locally sourced vegetables, oils, herbs and spices. Middle Eastern flavour to celebrate your breads, meats and vegetables.

There is nothing like the smell of herb and olive oil covered creamy Kumara slow roasting in the oven.

When crumbled with generous chunks of feta, it is always a challenge for us not to eat before we package this one.

Made from over 95% of fresh Australian ingredients, our Sweet Potato & Feta dip can be a meal onto itself.

Serving suggestions:

Our Roasted Kumera & Feta dip can be a meal on its own.

It will go great with fresh veggies and will respond well to a dollop of tahini, or mayonnaise

Kumera ‘N’ Fetta, as with all good foods is best eaten fresh for full flavour it should be eaten at room temperature. once opened it should be kept refrigerated, and consumed within five days.

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