Friends of Frank - Raw Cacao & Hazelnut Cookies (Vegan & GF) 160g

All natural cookies for naughty cravings.

Vegan, refined sugar-free and gluten-friendly.

Frank is the feeling of popping the perfect wheelie on your bike or the echo of the ice cream truck approaching your street.

For us, Friends of Frank is all about big flavour found in wholesome treats, like these three moreish flavours; Coconut & Maple, Raw Cacao & Hazelnut, and Orange & Almond.

You see, each and every bite has been made with all natural ingredients and nothing artificial – bringing goodness back where it belongs so you can enjoy cookies for days.

Made for the big kid in you and the little kids at home, Friends of Frank cookies are filled with crunchy and chewy wholesome ingredients, delivering a fun-loving 100% vegan treat.

With gluten and nut-free options for the allergy-conscious crowd, Friends of Frank is simply, and naturally, irresistible.

Frank says yes to flavour and all natural ingredients with nothing artificial.

VEGAN - Animal lovers will rejoice in this 100% vegan range, free from animal-derived ingredients.

GLUTEN AND NUT-FREE - Awareness of food allergies is greater than ever, giving gluten and nut-free treats like Friends of Frank an extra advantage on shelves.

NO REFINED SUGAR - You won’t find any refined sugar in these wholesome heroes, naturally sweetened with ingredients like dates, maple syrup and organic panela.


Everything about Friends of Frank feels special, from great design to quirky wording. The premium price point supports this sense of quality, without being prohibitive.

KID FRIENDLY -  Health-conscious parents will call these cookies their lunchbox saviour. Kids will just call them yummy.

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