Crooked Creek Biscuits - Lime & Lady Grey Tea 125g

A crisp, sweet and fragrant little morsel, pretty and Crooked Creek’s first Gold medal winner. The tea leaves impart a lovely aroma and texture and the lime leaves your palate refreshed.  The lime juice is fresh from Crooked Creek's grove.

This tea was named after Earl Grey’s wife, infused with lemon, orange and bergamot oil.


No trans fat or seed oils
No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, soya, palm oil or GM ingredients
Retain their yumminess for 6 months

Serving Suggestions

These old fashioned petite fluted delicacies are perfect with a morning cuppa or Afternoon high tea. Too delicate to dunk. Imagine Mrs Hughes serving Lady Cora – Downton Abbey-esque.

Crumble and sprinkle over ice-cream for a citrus finish.


Flour, Butter, Sugar, Brown sugar, Egg, Lady Grey tealeaves, Pure lime oil, Lime juice & Pure orange oil

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