Barossa - Farmhouse Roasted Turkey

From Barossa Fine Foods, free range, boneless turkey stuffed with chicken mince, gluten free breadcrumbs, farmhouse fresh herbs and a chicken breast centre. 

Pre-cooked and cry-o-vac sealed. Ready to reheat and also excellent served cold.

Gluten free.

For a small additional charge, we are able to slice your roast and provide it in a presentation box.

Each roast varies in weight, with a random weight range between 1.5-1.8kg. As this is a weighed item, the final costing will vary slightly. We will try our best to match the size of your order to the size roasts we receive from Barossa Fine Foods, but cannot guarantee an exact match.

Pair your bird with some cranberry sauce or old fashioned gravy to make the meal complete! 

If you aren't sure how what size bird or breast to order, please call our team on 07 3876 6222 and we will try our best to help you.

As a guide, with cooked boneless poultry, allow for 150g per person. If served as part of a buffet, bird portion sizes don't need to be as generous.