Stuffed & Cooked Turkey Breast (GF)

Free range turkey breast stuffed with Rosalie's home-made stuffing, containing quinoa, rice, roasted pumpkin, red onion, cranberries, sage & herbs.

Baked, chilled & cry-o-vac sealed for freshness. Ready to cut & serve.

Gluten free.

Please note that this is a weighed item, and the final costing may vary slightly. The final weight and cost will be determined at the time of preparation, prior to baking.

Pair your bird with some cranberry sauce or old fashioned gravy to make the meal complete! 

If you aren't sure how what size bird or breast to order, please call our team on 07 3876 6222 and we will try our best to help you.

As a guide, with uncooked boneless turkey breast, allow for 300-350g per person. If served as part of a buffet, bird portion sizes don't need to be as generous.