Rosemary Salted Sirloin Roast (whole piece)

Proving a huge hit, Rosalie's tender sous vide rare sirloin beef (grass fed) has been prepared with Himalayan pink salt & rosemary. Tender and moist, the rare sirloin is cry-o-vac sealed as a whole piece and served chilled ready to carve and eat.

Gluten free / Dairy free.

For a $10 additional charge, we are able to slice your roast and provide it in a presentation box. Please provide details in the Comment section at checkout to let us know how you would like your meat sliced: thin / medium / thick. We recommend for it to be sliced medium/thick.

Each roast varies in weight, varying between 2-3kg. As this is a weighed item, the final costing will vary slightly. If you would like a larger piece than the options shown, please contact us so that we can arrange it for you.

As a guide, allow for 150g-200g per person. If served as part of a buffet, quantities don't need to be as generous.

The main image is a photo of the sirloin as a whole piece, with the subsequent images showing the rare sirloin sliced in our Rare Roast Sirloin Platter.

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