St Agur Blue (with 25% off)

Saint Agur is relatively new on the French fromage scene, first created in the late 80’s by French company, Bongrain. Since then its popularity has steadily increased year on year and today it is one of their biggest sellers, not only in France, but all over the world.

Saint Agur is made in the Velay Mountains (Haute-Loire), according to strict tradition and know-how. It has a firm cream textured pâté that melts in the mouth, leaving a fruity, well-rounded flavour that is character-filled without being overpowering.

Also available to buy in a whole wheel or half wheel upon request. 

Sizes are approximate and a final price will be determined once the piece is cut. A 10% discount applies for whole wheels. Smaller size pieces (less than 250g) are available to purchase directly from our cheese cabinet.