D'affinois Blue

D'affinois Blue is a luxurious soft, mild, creamy blue.

Fromagerie Guilloteau are industry leaders in a modern process known as ‘ultra filtration’. It is a technique co-created by Jean-Claude Guilloteau that occurs before the cheese making process. The pasteurised milk is forced through a series of membranes to extract some of the protein and water, while concentrating all the other desirable components. The result is the production of consistent, nutritionally rich cheeses that have a silkier mouth feel and creamy subtle flavour.

Blue D’Affinois is essentially a rich blue brie, very similar to the famous cheese Cambozola. The pâté has a soft creamy texture that melts on the tongue; the flavour is mildly blue with the elegance of a satiny texture to linger with a sweet-blue buttery aftertaste.

Available to buy in a 2kg wheel, half wheel (1kg), quarter wheel (500g), 250g or 150g piece.

Sizes are approximate and a final price will be determined once the piece is cut. A 10% discount applies for whole wheels and which is reflected in the prices below. Smaller size pieces (less than 250g) are available to purchase directly from our cheese cabinet.

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