Maple Leaf Monterey Jack Jalapeno - approx 150g

The Maple Leaf cooperative was established back in 1910 by a group of local Wisconsin farmers in order to establish a consistent, trustworthy market for their milk. Maple Leaf is still locally farmer-owned, and some of the families are now in their second and third generation with the cooperative. The sixteen farms produce quality milk which is used by their Master Cheesemakers Jeff Wideman and Paul Reigle to produce the Maple Leaf Cheeses.

Maple Leaf Monterey Jack is a take on an American original first created by the Mexican Franciscan friars of Monterey, California in the 19th century. The green and red Jalapeño-studded Monterey Jack has a (mild) kick in an otherwise creamy profile. Its semi-hard texture makes it a great melting cheese, use in tacos and quesadillas for a twist on the Mexican classics.

Origin: USA

Sizes are approximate.

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