Cropwell Bishop Stilton - approx 125g

Cropwell Bishop Dairy is one of the smallest dairies in the Stilton- makers’ Association still making cheese today.

They select the best cheese for export and insist on only cheeses with a natural crusty breathing rind, rather than being waxed or vacuum packed cheese. This makes them more difficult to handle but we think it is worth it.

Blue moulds need oxygen to develop and ripen to their peak and the creamy texture depends on this process. This cheese is soft, sweet and savoury and also combines well with the distinct but mild blue mould finish. Notes of honey, leather, tobacco and molasses can be found.

Notes : Stilton is the only cheese in England that enjoys a legal name ‘protection’ and is made in just seven dairies in the Midland counties.

Origin: UK

Blue cheese

Sizes are approximate.

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