Barossa - Maple Glazed Roasted Ham Loin (GF)

Available in December, whilst limited stocks last.

Barossa Fine Foods Maple Glazed Roasted Ham Loin is hand crafted using quality South Australian Pork. Maple glazed, oven roasted and cured using the finest Murray River Salt. 

Cry-o-vac sealed and ready to re-heat. Also excellent served cold.

Gluten free.

For a $10 charge, we are able to slice your ham and provide it in a presentation box. Please provide details in the comments at checkout to let us know how you'd like it sliced : shaved / thin / medium / thick / extra thick. If no details are provided, we will slice it medium/thick.

Each ham varies in weight, with a random weight range of approx 1kg. As this is a weighed item, the final costing will vary slightly. We will endeavour to match your size to the products we receive but cannot guarantee an exact match.

Pair your ham with some mustard and chutney to make the meal complete.

If you aren't sure what size ham to order, please call our team on 07 3876 6222 and we will try our best to help you.

As a guide, with ham, allow for 150g-200g per person. If served as part of a buffet, quantities don't need to be as generous.


HEAT & EAT - Reheating Instructions

45 minutes per kg at 180℃ or 60℃ using a thermometer.

Wrap in alfoil and open 30 minutes before finish. 

Add a little water to the bottom of the dish to retain moisture while cooking.

After cooking, let the roast rest for 10 to 15 minutes before carving. 

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