Traditional Stuffing

Available in December.

Our in-house kitchen at Rosalie Gourmet Market have prepared both traditional and gluten free stuffing this year which can be bought separately from your Christmas bird. The stuffing is provided in 600g containers and is ready to bake.

Traditional stuffing is made using apricot, prune, Spanish onion, Granny Smith apple, lemon thyme and herb bread.

For an additional $5 charge, we are able to bake your stuffing so it's ready to serve or reheat (provided to you chilled).

Please note that we are not cooking the stuffing in the turkeys as it's recommended for health and safety reasons that stuffing is cooked separately. 


Ready-to-bake Stuffing (Traditional / Gluten Free) – Cooking Instructions

The ready-to-bake stuffing is provided chilled to bake. Add one cup of water, 100g butter (optional) and 1 egg (this is optional if not suited to dietary requirements). Mix together.

Tip into a lined and greased baking tin (loaf) and cook for 20 minutes at 170C. Ensure piping hot, otherwise return to the oven for another 5-10 minutes. 

Pre-Cooked Stuffing (Traditional / Gluten Free) – Reheating Instructions 

The pre-cooked stuffing is provided chilled to eat or reheat.

To reheat, remove plastic wrap and leave the foil on. Cook for 20 minutes at 160C. Ensure piping hot otherwise return to the oven for another 5-10 minutes. 

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