Port & Prune Log 800g - Newcastle Pudding Lady

Newcastle Pudding Lady has been creating mouth-watering, handmade Christmas Puddings for Australians for over 25 years.

Nothing says extravagance like the deep richness and silky soft texture of prunes, oozing thick, sweet, dark plum juice. Combined with the finest Australian fortified port, and blended with Newcastle Pudding Lady's traditional generations old recipe, this 800g Port and Prune Pudding demands the addition of top shelf ice cream or a generous dollop of double cream. It is delicious, decadent and deluxe, requires no actual event but the celebration of life itself.

As traditional a match as any, their 250ml Bottle of Brandy Custard Sauce is made with the same top-quality brandy used in their puddings. Deliciously rich and luscious, this sauce is for those who like to stick with tradition. It’s the ultimate accompaniment to Christmas pudding and ideal for adults looking to get even more kick out of their dessert. 


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