Deli Assorted Box

Our Deli Assorted box comprises a little of a lot including charcuterie, dips, antipasta, cheese & crackers.  Everything you need to make the perfect platter. Comprises the following (minimum weights):

- San Daniele Italian Prosciutto (100g)
- Grandmother's ham (200g)
- Spanish Hot Salami (100g)
- Ford Farm Aged Cheddar (150g)
- D'affinois Brie (150g)
- Truffle Manchego (150g)
- Quince Paste
- Segreti Smoked Salmon Dip
- Basil & Feta Dip
- Smoked Kalamata Olives

- Dill & Garlic Olives
- Grissini
- Wafer Crackers

Provided in environmentally friendly cardboard presentation boxes with each of the items contained therein being wrapped for freshness and your convenience. Some unwrapping and presenting either back in the box or on your own platter will be required.

The platter in the second picture has been put together using the ingredients above, with just a couple of sprigs of fresh mint, rosemary and edible flowers added for garnishing. You could otherwise add strawberries for an extra pop of colour.

In the event that listed products aren't available, we will make the best substitutions available unless specifically requested otherwise.

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