Saucy Wench Plum Sauce 250ml

Saucy Wench's delicious Plum Sauce goes with Spring Rolls, Potato Wedges, Peking Duck and is an excellent marinade or stir fry sauce for red meat, pork and poultry. Made with Australian Black plums and dried sour plums and five-spice, this sweet and sour sauce is sure to replace your tomato sauce addiction!


Plums, sugar, palm sugar, water, rice vinegar, onion, lime juice, sesame oil, soy sauce (GF), garlic, ginger, chilli, coriander, dates, oranges, salt, five-spice, white pepper. 


From Asian Gourmet Sauces to handmade dumplings, all of Saucy Wench's products are made in Australia to the highest standards, using fresh Australian produce.

The Saucy Wench range is proudly made in Brisbane, Australia and offers gluten-free, vegan, all natural Asian sauces made in small batches to ensure the best quality.

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