Yarra Valley Dairy Persian Fetta 275g

Yarra Valley Dairy’s flagship cheese is their Persian Fetta, a wonderful soft and creamy cow’s milk fetta. This unique cheese is made by first placing the freshly made feta in brine for at least two weeks in order to develop its flavour and texture. It is then washed to remove the excess salt before being marinated in oil infused with fresh herbs & spices. Yarra Valley Persian Feta has won a number of awards including; Best in the World – Marinated Feta, London 2001 World Cheese Awards.

Creamy, salty tang with a lush, buttery finish.

EAT with rocket, chickpeas, roast root vegetables.

DRINK with sparkling wine of any kind, pear or apple cider, rose

RECIPE IDEAS - crumble over caramelised onion tart / stuff in ravioli

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