Vegetarian Caesar Salad

Vegetarian Caesar salad with lettuce, egg, parmesan, sourdough croutons & Caesar dressing. Our Caesar salads salads are light, crispy and refreshing. ** The image shows our bacon Caesar salad but the vegetarian version doesn't include the bacon.

Classic size serves 5-8 people 
Grande size serves 10-14 
Ultimate size serves 15-18 
(based on side salad portions)

Our salads are made fresh daily by our in-house chefs using the freshest and best ingredients from our Deli. Some ingredients are seasonal or may not be available in which case the best comparable substitute will be used where appropriate. 

All salad orders require a minimum of 24 hours notice, with all salads for Friday to Sunday collections to be placed no later than 10am on Thursday, and Monday salad orders to be placed by noon on the preceding Friday.

PLEASE NOTE, these salads are not available from 16 December until 27 December. Please see our range of Christmas salads available during this period.

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