Sandwich Box - Kids Party Triangles - Dairy Free

Brisbane's best sandwiches are now tailored for Kids Parties!
We get it ... most kids aren't fans of some of the sandwich fillings popular with adults.

Given half a chance at a party, children tend to reach for ham, vegemite, jam or sugar sprinkle sandwiches.

We've put together a selection they will love and not a single lettuce leaf will be pulled out and thrown to the ground.

Our Kids Party Triangle Sandwich boxes contain contain sandwiches with the following fillings (using nuttelex instead of butter):


Classic - 6 rounds (24 triangles)

Grande - 12 rounds (48 triangles)

You order it, we make it, you pick it up and take it straight to the party. So easy, so simple. The kids will love it!

If you are feeling guilty about not offering "Green Light" party food, just order a fresh fruit platter at the same time.

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