Mexico City Foods - Tortilla Chips - Natural 180g

Mexico City Foods is proudly the first, and still the best, supplier of authentic nixtamal tortillas and totopos in Australia. 

What is Nitxtamal and Why Is It So Important?

Nixtamalisation is the ancient Aztec method of cooking and grinding corn for making tortillas.

Nixtamalisation involves gently cooking the dried corn in a natural alkaline solution of water and lime (not the juice, rather the stone lime variety). Next, the cooked corn is rested overnight before being washed and ground to a soft dough between volcanic stones.

Nixtamalisation offers two major benefits over other ways of making corn products: taste and nutritional value. The taste is the true authentic Mexican flavour. It is the flavour that Mexicans, and those in the know, search out around the world. The cooking process also releases more of the naturally occuring calcium, iron and zinc in the corn.

Nixtamalisation is like brewing a beer or making a great coffee: the basic steps can sound easy and a lot of people can say they can do. However, some can do it better than others and we believe we do it the best in Australia. So, try our tortillas and corn chips, we're sure you'll love them and be back for more!

Gluten free

Origin: Australia

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