Maggie Beer Burnt Fig Jam 285g

This is a favourite from Maggie’s childhood. Her mother always burnt fig jam, not by design but because she always seemed to be distracted at the crucial moment! It was quite an exercise to replicate that very particular flavour in commercial quantities, but we’ve done it and the result is the thickest, fruitiest jam you can buy. We simply reduce the figs with no water at all, then add sugar and cook the lot until ‘burnt’ to perfection before sharpening the jam with a little lemon juice.

Serving Suggestion

Maggie's favourite way of eating Burnt Fig Jam is to toast a slab of full-grain bread and spread it with unsalted butter and lashings of the jam. For even more of a treat, leave out the butter and use cream instead. Heaven!

Repeat the above with scones or glaze freshly cooked fig tarts, warm from the oven - just melt the jam with a little water first. For maximum effect, make a sour cream and butter pastry that melts in the mouth.

And when you need a sweet fix? Just scoop Burnt Fig Jam straight from the jar with a spoon!



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