Luxury Gastronomic Hamper

Our Luxury Gastronomic Hamper is designed with the foodie in mind. If you know someone who loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen, this is the perfect gift. Including some of our finest produce, this hamper is guaranteed to inspire even those budding chefs amongst us. 

Our Luxury Gastronomic Hamper includes:

- A Taste of Paris Gold Sugar 240g
- Aceto Balsamico 250ml
- Joseph Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375ml
- Olsson's Truffle Salt 50g
- Ristichella Pasta 1kg
- New England Larder Lemon Butter 390g

If you would like to add to the Luxury Gastronomic Hamper with additional items, please contact us for a quote.

In the event that we are unable to supply any particular items, we will make the best substitutions possible.

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