Herbies - Wattleseed Roasted Whole 20g

Other Common Names: Mulga Botanical Name: (Acacia aneura)

Description & Use: There are only a small number of edible wattles, the others being poisonous, therefore the gathering of one’s own Wattleseed should only be conducted under expert guidance. The Wattleseed of culinary use is nearly always roasted and ground, a process that gives it an appetizing coffee-like aroma and taste.

Whole wattleseeds may be infused with wet ingredients if the presence of ground wattleseed is not desired. Wattleseed flavours ice-cream and desserts, and when used with other spices such as Coriander Seed, imparts a pleasant, barbecued taste to meats, especially full-flavoured seafood such as Salmon and Tuna.

Product of Australia.

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