Herbies - Sumac Ground 45g


A dark purple, Middle Eastern spice that compliments tomato & avocado. 

Other Common Names: Elm Leaved Sumac, Sicilian Sumac, Sumach, Sumak. Botanical Name: (Rhus coriaria)  summac

Description & Use: Do not attempt to identify and gather Sumac yourself, as there are many varieties of the Rhus family that are poisonous and can create severe allergic reactions in some individuals. Sumac of culinary use comes from a tree that grows in the Middle East. Sumac spice is the outer flesh of the berry that is harvested when crimson. The inner hard seed looks like a coriander seed and has little flavour compared to the outer skin which gets its acidity from Malic Acid, the same as in green apples . Sumac has a delicious, fruity, lemon-like tangyness. Sprinkle over salads, particularly avocado and tomato, and use to season white meats during cooking. Sumac forms a tasty crust when coated onto lamb joints before cooking.

Produce of Turkey packed in Australia.

Allergy Statement: Sumac trees belong to the same family as cashew trees.

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