Herbies - Paprika Smoked Sweet (Spanish La Vera Pimenton) 30g

Paprika “Pimenton” smoked by a natural process in the La Vera region of Spain, highly aromatic & sweet. (SML PKT)

Other Common Names: Sweet Paprika, Mild Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Pimenton.. Botanical Name: (Capsicum annuum)

Description & Use: Paprika is the name given to the sweet and only slightly hot members of the capsicum family. While chillies are used mostly for their flavour and heat, Paprika is most appreciated for its vibrant colour and agreeable, full-bodied flavour.

Smoked Paprika is from the La Vera region of Spain. The Paprikas are naturally wood-smoked before grinding, giving them a delicious, robust aroma and flavour. Use Smoked paprika in small quantities to give added depth of flavour to stews and casseroles. Add to pasta dishes and pizza.

Produce of Spain packed in Australia.

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