Herbies - Saffron Iranian (Whole & Broken Stigmas) 0.5g

A good quality grade of saffron that infuses to yield a classic golden colour.

Botanical Name: (Crocus sativus) Description & Use: The World’s most expensive spice, Saffron is the stigma that is plucked from a low-growing, purple-flowered crocus. There are only 3 Saffron stigmas per flower and 5 acres of Saffron plants yields somewhere between 500g and 750g of Saffron stigmas in a good year! Saffron that contains pale yellow threads is actually Saffron stigmas with the style attached. The style is the section that joins the stigmas into the base of the flower, and Saffron with yellow style is regarded as inferior to pure Saffron stigmas. Because of its high value Saffron is often adulterated with safflower petals, coconut fibre, cornsilk and any other similar looking material that the unscrupulous trader can pass off as Saffron. Herbie’s Spices Saffron is available in two grades: Kashmiri Whole Stigmas,which has the best colour, aroma and flavour and Iranian Whole & Broken Stigmas, which has a very good colour, is slightly brittle and ideal for powdering. It has a slightly sweeter floral aroma and similarly floral taste.

Saffron has been so valued over the centuries because it is a water soluable dye. It is used to colour and flavour rice dishes such as paella and biryani. Use between 8 and 12 stigmas to colour 1 cup of rice. Soak the stigmas in warm water for about 15 minutes before adding with the Saffron and coloured water to a dish.

Produce of Iran packed in Australia.

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