Herbies - Peppercorns Pink (Schinus Species) 20g

These pink pepperberries are from the Schinus terebinthifolius tree. 

Other Common Names: Pink Pepper. Botanical Name: (Schinus terebinthifolius)

Description & Use: Dried pink peppercorns are not from the pepper vine, but come from a “Shinus” species of tree. These Shinus terebinthifolius peppercorns have a pine-like flavour which resembles Juniper and is different from true Pink Pepper (Piper nigrum) that is only ever sold in brine.

The berries on so-called pepper trees (Schinus molle, AKA S.areira) with frond-like leaves, that have been grown in Australia in parks and gardens for many years, have a mild toxicity and are not recommended for human consumption.

The S.terebinthfolius variety of culinary use has larger leaves, and is also found in parts of northern Australia.

The Pink Peppercorns we sell are considered safe to consume by FSANZ and the USFDA.

*NB: Discolouration of some peppercorns is an unavoidable result of steam sterilisation required by Australian Quarantine on importation.

Produce of Brazil packed in Australia.

Allergy Statement: Pink Peppercorns belong to the same botanical family as cashew trees.

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