Herbies - Fennel Seed (Whole) 30g

Please note that due to seasonal factors, Herbies fennel seeds are not as green as previous crops. Herbies have evaluated the flavour and they are confident that they will perform just as well in cooking.

Dry roast and add to curries, satay sauces and many Indian & Asian recipes. (SML PKT)

Other Common Names: Florence Fennel, Finnochio, Lucknow Fennel Seed. Botanical Name: (Foeniculum vulgare dulce)

Description & Use: Native to Southern Europe and Asia Minor, it was a symbol of success and in ancient Greece was referred to as ‘marathon’ in reference to the famous battleground on which the Greeks gained victory over the Persians in 490BC. Fennel seeds should be pale yellow to green and have a characteristic ‘anise’ flavour. Fennel, although stronger in flavour than coriander, is one of the amalgamating spices, having the ability to bring other flavours together while imparting its delicious fresh ‘anise’ notes to Malaysian curries and satay sauces. Lucknow fennel is much greener in colour and sweeter in flavour and generally used as an after dinner breath freshener or in sweet dishes.

Produce of India packed in Australia.

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