Herbies - Cinnamon Quills (Whole) 15g

Cinnamon quills from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are added whole to dishes during cooking.

Other Common Names: Ceylon Cinnamon, Cinnamon Quills (the best quality, inner layer of bark). Botanical Name: (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

Description & Use: Cinnamon quills are 8cm lengths of tightly rolled, concentric layers of the very thin underneath layer of bark. This has been carefully peeled off cut branches and then rolled by cinnamon peelers into metre-long quills like a giant cigar. These long quills are then cut into the familiar short ‘sticks’. Cinnamon quills have an aromatic fragrance and can be put into stewed compotes of fruit, used to flavour gluwein, and curries. A centimetre broken up and put into a coffee plunger with the grounds gives it a delicately spiced flavour. Ground cinnamon quills is the best grade of cinnamon to use in the majority of cooking applications.

Produce of Sri Lanka packed in Australia.

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