Herbies - Caraway Seed (Whole) 30g

Whole seeds traditionally flavour breads and vegetable dishes. 

Other Common Names: Caraway Fruit, Persian Caraway, Roman Cumin, Wild Cumin. Botanical Name: (Carum carvi)

Produce of Finland packed in Australia.

Description & Use: Once used in love potions because it prevents lovers from straying! As proof of this the seeds were baked in bread and given to pet pigeons to keep them at home and not wander away. Caraway seed, like aniseed, was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for its digestive properties and is delicious when used with all of the vegetables you would put aniseed in. Caraway is used in many European cheeses, the fresh anise and fennel notes helping to balance the fatty richness and robust flavours of smoked cheeses. Caraway flavours the liqueur ‘Kummel’ and is used in making gins and schnapps. Caraway is an important addition to that fiery Tunisian paste, ‘Harissa’and features in the Herbie’s Spices Balmain & Rozelle Spice.

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