Hafla Muhumara Roasted Capsicum with Almond & Honey (GF, DF) 200g

Hafla make gourmet quality, fresh, organic, Mediterranean style dips from the highest quality, locally sourced vegetables, oils, herbs and spices. Middle Eastern flavour to celebrate your breads, meats and vegetables.

When you open the kitchen door on a Muhumara day you are engulfed with the sweet smells of roasting red capsicums, bee’s knees honey and organic apple cider vinegar, that add to the vibrant, bright reds of local Australian capsicums.

Serving suggestions:

Muhumara goes great on top of hummus or avocado sandwich, it will taste great with chicken or beef and is fantastic as pizza topping.
Muhumara is great with a dollop of mayonnaise under cheese or on top of sour cream.

Like all of Hafla's dips, it is made and sold fresh, once opened, best consumed within five days.

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