Fresh Fodder - Smokey Taramosalata 200g

Fresh Fodder was established in Orange, Australia by Max Schofield in 2008. From his small commercial kitchen, Max and the team at Fresh Fodder constantly strive to provide a great range of dips, salads and sauces that focus on great quality flavours. "At Fresh Fodder our philosophy is to produce a great product that exhibits wonderful flavours and represents good value for money. The Fresh Fodder range of dips, salads and sauces are perfect for entertaining or grazing on and our customers are known to travel far and wide to purchase our Taramosalata - The Gangster Dip."?

Just Like The Original - With A Soft Smoke Flavour Running Through Its Veins!

Fresh Fodder's traditional to-die-for Taramosalata with a soft smoke flavour running through its veins.


Australian Canola Oil, Tarama Paste (12%)(incl Cod Roe (Fish), Soya Bean Flour (non GMO) Flying Fish Roe, Salt, Stabilizer 466, Colourings e-124/e-110), Onion, Lemon Juice, Flavour, Preservative 202

Allergens: Seafood, Soy

Made in Australia from at least 79% Australia Ingredients


Per 50g serve: energy 1190kj/284cal, protein 1.2g, fat total 31.0g (saturated 4.7g), carbohydrate 1.3g (sugars 0.9g), sodium 967mg.

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