Edible Leaf Gelatine - Silver Grade 30g (Chef's Choice)

Leaf gelatine is extremely versatile and easy to use. It can be used for the preparation of jellies, mousses, bavarois, dressings and glazes for fish and all aspics.

Chef’s choice certified organic edible leaf gelatine silver grade sets much clearer and at a smoother consistency compared to powdered gelatine.

This is the reason why leaf gelatine is preferred by professionals and regular bakers.

As leaf gelatine is almost odourless and flavourless, it imparts none of its own flavour into the dish which allows the flavour of the dish to shine through.

The subject of gelatine sheets can get confusing due to their separation into grades, which are bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Each grade is associated with various “bloom strengths,” or their ability to set a gel.

This means that gram for gram, platinum will set a stronger gel than gold, silver a stronger gel than bronze, etc.

Directions for use: soften the leaves in cold water for 5-10 minutes and then squeeze out any excess water.

For warm mixtures, dissolve the gelatine directly into the mixture.

Do not boil the mixtures with gelatine as the it will lose its gelling power.

For cold mixtures, dissolve gelatine in a pan over a low heat while stirring continually and slowly add the cold mixtures.

Finally places dish in refrigerator to set, time depending on recipes.

No preservatives or additives.

Ingredients: organic pig skin.

Product of Germany.

Net weight: 30g

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