Leonardi Nobile Balsamico 12 years 250ml (Gold top)

it’s only cooked grape must acetified and aged in wooden barrels for 12 years, therefore it shows a nice creamy texture, a well balanced sweet-and-sour taste, it is then recommended for the most important dishes such as: deep fried vegetables and seafood (tempura), caviar, sushi, smoked salmon, Carpaccio, tartar, potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, pizza, cheeses, desserts, ice-cream, yoghurt, pancakes, cheesecake, fresh strawberries…

Special family reserve PREMIUM

Our suggestion:
Beef Carpaccio covered with slices of fresh mushrooms and parmesan cheese with a few leaves of rocket. Season with Extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and end with a tablespoon of Balsamico PREMIUM 12 Gold Seal.


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