Smoked Tomato Ricotta with Kalamata Olive

Smoked tomato ricotta with kalamata olive & fresh basil. We recommend this as a mini tart. This topping is vegetarian & GF. Available on your choice of blini (mini pancakes), mini tarts, crostini or gluten free mini tarts.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to these being the busiest days for our kitchen, we are unable to prepare cold canapes on 22-24 December. We are closed on Christmas Day &  Boxing Day. 

If you need to cater to Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free or Vegan dietary requirements, you need to ensure that both the base and the topping match your dietary requirements.  

Blini & Mini Tart - V
Gluten Free Mini Tart - V, GF
Vegan & GF Mini Tarts - V, GF, DF, Vegan
Crostini - V, DF, Vegan

A minimum order of 12 applies per type of canape.

V = Vegetarian / DF = Dairy Free / GF = Gluten Free

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