Chef's Choice Dried Mixed Chanterelle Mushrooms 20g

Dried Chanterelle mushrooms are highly prized by connoisseurs for their excellent flavor.

These rare mushrooms have a taste that can be described as fruity and nutty with pepper notes.

Chanterelles are small, yellow to golden, have a pleasant aroma, and a flavor that is highly sought after, especially in Europe.

The flavor and aroma of these dried Chanterelle mushrooms are an especially good complement to meat, shellfish, and as an ingredient in omelettes.

But, Chanterelles can be used in a wide variety of ways including in soups, cream sauces, and pastas.

They are best cooked with limited seasonings so that the Chanterelle's delicious flavour can fully be enjoyed.

Chanterelle mushrooms have an excellent flavour prized around the world.

Dried Chanterelle mushrooms have a wonderful aroma that can be described as fruity and apricot like.

The Chanterelle is called "the most prized wild mushroom in the world" by The Audubon Guide to Wild Mushrooms.

It's an excellent mushroom by any standard.

Preparation: rinse and soak in warm water for 15-20 minutes, using the water as a stock.

No artificial colours.

No artificial flavours.

No preservatives.

Gluten free.


Ingredients: dried chanterelle mushrooms

Product of France


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