Steiny's Traditional Mettwurst - Herb & Spices 350g

Salami's and Mettwurst's can be similar in looks however there are a few differences.  Salami is a Pork product which is traditionally hung and naturally dried and cured in a cellar and is high in salts.  Mettwurst was traditionally Pork however since introduced into Australia in the mid 1800's, beef has been introduced.  Today Mettwurst producers generally use 50% Beef and 50% frozen imported Pork and recently have been increasing the Pork content to reduce costs. 

Steiny's will not compromise on quality and uses a 70% Beef (100% Australian Grass Fed Angus Beef) and a 30% (100% fresh Australian Pork).

Steiny's Mettwurst's and Sticks are less than 10% fat, low in salts and sugars, no artificial colourings or flavours, all gluten and dairy free and traditionally smoked with redgum. 


A mix of one Herb and five Spices give this Mettwurst a fantastic array of taste.



On opening, remove the plastic completely and if you wish to store the Mettwurst in anything, PAPER ONLY.

No need to refrigerate except in humid climates.  If in doubt, store in the fridge.

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