Sabarot Escargots Snails 200g (24 snails)

These beautiful very large snails or escargots from French producer, Sabarot, have been carefully selected and cleaned. They can be served in shells (available separately) or prepared and served according to your preferred recipe! They’re frequently cooked with butter, finely-chopped shallots, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper.

This tin contains 24 snails. Simply remove from the can and rinse them under hot water and drain them before using. The tender, chewy meat melts in the mouth and can be baked shell side up with butter, garlic, and herbs (it’s done when the butter is bubbling). Serve with some crusty bread for dipping, and it’s a complete dish! You could take inspiration from the French chef Bruno Loubet who, in his London restaurant Bistrot Bruno Loubet – serves a hearty and warming ragu of Burgundy snails and meatballs. For a more Spanish take on snails, simply add to a traditional Valencian paella. Or for a British dish, try recreating Heston’s famous snail porridge! Snails can also be used as garnishes to top venison or fillet of beef. 

200g Net / 125g Drained weight

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