Rosalie Gourmet Market

  • Our Piccolos are prepared with a shot of espresso, steamed textured milk with a layer of microfilm 

  • The Girl From Ipanema

    This blend is dominated by Brazilian beans grown on the plateaus that overlook the distant Ipanema Beach in Rio. The supporting origins blended create an easy drinking coffee with well-balanced acidity & sweetness

    Origins Brazil Minas Gerais, Colombia Pitalito, Uganda Bugisu, Guatemala Huehuetenango

    Tasting Notes hints of nuts, honey & citrus, followed by tropical fruit & a clean aftertaste

  • Casata

    This pure, 100% chemical free, water processed coffee originates from the birthplace of the coffee bean. To be able to source a genuine single origin decaf of a Yirgacheffe’s quality is a true bonus for the taste buds

    Origins Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

    Tasting Notes Expect some candy sweetness, lemon & forest floor florals finishing with delicate chocolate & jasmine notes

  • Bon Soy please add 50c

    Almond Milk please add $1.00


Category: Balcony Cafe, Coffee, Piccolo

Type: Coffee