Hafla Organic Green Tahini 200g

Hafla make gourmet quality, fresh, organic, Mediterranean style dips from the highest quality, locally sourced vegetables, oils, herbs and spices. Middle Eastern flavour to celebrate your breads, meats and vegetables.

Well, the deal with Hafla's Organic Green Tahini is you either love it or go crazy about it.
Ground Organic sesame paste with fresh parsley and cold press olive oil just can’t go wrong.

(It took a great deal of patience hiding in the kitchen pantry, watching mum as she mixes all the ingredients in the bowl, checking over her shoulder to see that no one else was watching.) 

Great as topping on baked potatoes, falafel or roasted veggies, great on top of our hummus or drizzled as a salad dressing. If could be addictive however it’s great for you, so enjoy in copious amounts.

Serving suggestions:

Hafla's Tahini will go fabulously well with our Hummus, or on top of our beetroot dip, at our home it goes with just about anything, or on it’s own.

It is made and sold fresh, and better consumed before anyone else sees it.

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