We offer a wide range of antipasto items which are perfect for your cocktail party or as a salad addition.

Our antipasto self-serve range costs $42 per kilogram and includes:

* stuffed, pitted, mixed, marinated or un-pitted olives, including 
- kalamata olives
- smoked kalamata olives 
- chilli olives
- red wine olives
- sicilian olives
- ligurian olives
- green olives with feta
- green olives with anchovies
- Mediterranean mix

* semi dried tomatoes including roma woodsmoked tomatoes and balsamic tomatoes
* smoked mushrooms
* balsamic onions
* artichoke hearts
* marinated octopus
* roasted capsicums
* roasted pumpkin
* whole garlic cloves
* roasted eggplant

We also have a range of other pre-packaged antipasto items including caperberries, preserved lemons, anchovies, capers, pepperdews, feta stuffed peppers, and marscapone / marinated figs.

Of course, no antipasto platter is complete without the addition of cheese, charcuterie, breads and crackers of which we also have an extensive selection.

We make special antipasto platters to suit your requirements. Call us for help with this on (07) 3876 6222.