Eggs - Yallamundi Pasture-Raised (10 eggs)

Yallamundi hens live outdoors with mobile houses for shelter. Pasture Raised is a welfare friendly and environmentally sustainable method of farming eggs.

The houses are regularly moved to ensure continuous grass cover, and allow the previous area’s vegetation to recover. The hens roam freely on fresh pasture where they exhibit natural behaviour to dust bathe, scratch and forage, and to eat worms, grubs and insects. The shelters are located in an olive grove which provides shade and protection for the birds.

The feed is based on locally grown grains and plant based proteins.

Yallamundi hens are cared for by the farmer, live in small flocks with a maximum density of 750 birds per hectare, and the eggs are hand collected. This, combined with living naturally, provides a truly nutritious product for the customer.

Living naturally results in a naturally great tasting egg.

10 eggs per carton.

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